Chris Webber on returning to Michigan: 'There's nothing I would want more than that'

Former Michigan basketball star Chris Webber sounds pretty excited about being an honorary captain for the Wolverines football team this season. 

"There's nothing I would want more than that," Webber said on "The Dan Patrick Show" on Wednesday after being asked about reuniting with his former teammates at UM.

Webber will return to Ann Arbor at some point during the 2018 college football season to serve as an honorary captain for the football team at the invitation of Jim Harbaugh. 

The former Fab Five standout accepted Harbaugh's invite live on a radio spot last week, and talked with Patrick about his excitement over returning to his alma mater.

 "I think that we're on the right path for that," Webber said. "I think there has to be conversation, organically. People were pushing it for money because of that [ESPN] doc, but you have to be sincere, address and then move forward because all the other stuff is still going to be there.

"For the fans, for myself, for my family, hopefully I think it's something we're working toward."

Webber left the Michigan basketball team following his sophomore season in 1993 to enter the NBA Draft, where he was selected first overall by the Orlando Magic. After he left, he was later implicated in an NCAA investigation for accepting improper benefits from booster Ed Martin. He was banished from Michigan's campus for 10 years in addition to self-imposed sanctions from Michigan that included the vacating of victories during his two seasons and the removal of the 1992 and 1993 Final Four banners.

Though Webber's ban from Michigan was lifted in 2013, he has yet to make an appearance back in Ann Arbor. So his public declaration that he will return to his alma mater is a step in the right direction to potentially mending a relationship that has gone dormant over the last decade.

It's unclear which game Webber will serve as honorary captain, but one thing is quite clear: His return will be met with great fanfare as they welcome back one of the best players to ever come through Michigan.

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