Clark Kellogg: Temple, NC State possible Final Four squads

On the set of TNT’s Inside The NBA, analyst Charles Barkley likes to say, “Only God is an expert.” His saying is coming to fruition at tourney time as the CBS Sports /Turner Sports NCAA tournament broadcast crew of experts is befuddled as to which college basketball teams will dominate in the tournament.

At this year’s CBS Sports /Turner Sports NCAA tournament press conference, pundits couldn’t settle on Player of the Year picks or Final Four teams. When they tried to give a straight answer, they sounded like they were rattling off the names of Snow White’s elves, not Final Four teams.

With so many upsets this season, five different No. 1 teams and Selection Sunday just days away, you really can’t blame them.

Our esteemed panel still gave it the old college try and took a crack at some postseason pontifications.

Clark Kellogg (Ohio State, 1979-82)

Final Four: Indiana and Duke are favorites to get to the Final Four. Dark horses like St. Louis, VCU, Temple or North Carolina State could grab the other two spots.

National Champion: Duke.

Player of the Year: Victor Oladipo.

Charles Barkley (Auburn, 1981-84)

Final Four: “I don’t want to sound phony or anything but I don’t think anybody has an idea who’s going to be in the Final Four,” Barkley said. “There are 10 or 15 teams that could win it.”

POY: Trey Burke, Victor Oladipo, Otto Porter and Kelly Olynyk.

Reggie Miller (UCLA, 1983-87)

Final Four: “It’s really too early,” Miller said. “You have to see what the bracket looks like and where guys are geographically.

“It’s a crapshoot. There are 15 or 20 legitimate teams that, if they get hot this time of the year, they could make it to the Final Four.”

POY: Victor Oladipo. "I like his two-way play," Miller said. "He delivers thoroughly on both ends of the floor."

Kenny “The Jet” Smith (North Carolina 1983-87)

Final Four: “The great thing about the NCAA is you don’t know [who could make Final Four],” Smith said. “I was on the No. 1 team at some point in the season, four years in a row, and we didn’t win the national championship. I played with a guy who was a decent little basketball player, y’all kind of like him now, named Michael Jordan. We lost.”

POY: Otto Porter. “I don’t know if he’s the best player in the country but he’s the most surprising,” Smith said. “At the beginning of the season, he wasn’t as high on the radar as I thought he would be."

Greg Anthony (Portland, 1986-87, UNLV, 1988-91)

Final Four: “I don’t think there’s enough separation at the top and I really want to see the brackets play out,” Anthony said. “You can pick four teams right now and three of them will be in the same bracket.”

POY: Trey Burke, Kelly Olynyk, Otto Porter and Ben McLemore. You have to go back and look at the body of work,” Anthony said. “See who is the guy that was most impactful, that had the most responsibility and rewarded his team with the most consistency.”

Steve Kerr (Arizona, 1983-88)

Final Four: “It’s absolutely impossible to pick without the brackets,” Kerr said. “Once the brackets are done, if I could get two out of three right this year I would be absolutely thrilled.”

POY: Victor Oladipo. “The Big Ten was the toughest conference in the country and [Indiana] won the regular season crown,” Kerr said. “To me he’s the best player on the best team so I would give it to him.”

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