Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski unleashed a rant on the radio Monday night shortly after No. 12 Duke disposed of NC State 88-69. The rant was directed at recent social media critics. In his message, he urged those critics to direct their ire toward him and not his players before subtly wishing those in that category godspeed in trying to express displeasure in his coaching.

"It's amazing what people put out [on social media]. Really, if you're our fans, don't do that," he said. "Come on, man. These kids are 18 and 19 years old. You can question my coaching and what the hell.

"And when you do question it, by the way, just come into Cameron and look up in the ceiling and find out if you should question that. But don't do anything with our players. Just support them."

Mic drop on the rafters reference.

Five national titles, 12 Final Four appearances ... yeah, you've earned the right to drop the mic with that.

Still, it's odd that Krzyzewski -- a Hall of Famer with impeccable credentials -- feels the need to address some nebulous bunch of haters on social media. He should be above that. And yet, like we've seen earlier this season with him criticizing his own fans for in-game chants, he can't help himself from trying to control how other people around his team acts.

It's too bad, really. But if he wants to go there, he's free to do so. Nonetheless, there will always be haters on social media -- it's a platform ripe for exactly that. So unless Duke uses Monday's win as a launching point to get Krzyzewski's his sixth ring, expect more of the same from the nebulous group of social media critics. And maybe, if we're lucky, expect another Coach K rant to follow.