Cody Ellis' blue hair and Saint Louis' bench play take down VCU

Mike McCall Jr. may have led the Saint Louis Billikens with 16 points against then No. 24 VCU, but it was Cody Ellis’ 10 points off the bench and his uniquely colored hair that caught the eye of many.

Ellis’ blue-streaked hair and the Saint Louis bench went to work scoring a total of 34 points to defeat VCU and take the Atlantic 10 lead.

“I’ve had [the blue hair] all season,” Ellis said on a local television broadcast. “One day in the summer I was just thinking about doing something different with my hair.”

Cody, much respect to you and your school spirit, but that has got to be the ugliest hairdo I’ve seen in a while. Even Andrew Bynum would give that coif the side eye.

The blue racing stripe in Cody Ellis' hair makes me wonder if he has any friends.  (

Ellis says his girlfriend actually did the dye job.

Dude, are you sure she’s your girl? Seems like she doesn’t like you very much if she did something like that to you.

Here’s hoping the dye stays on his face and doesn’t find its way to his facial hair if the Billikens have more success.

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