Massive news hit college basketball Friday when Memphis acknowledged that the NCAA has concluded James Wiseman is "likely ineligible" because Penny Hardaway provided Wiseman's mother with approximately $11,500 to cover "moving expenses" when the family relocated from Nashville to Memphis in 2017.

This happened before Hardaway was the Memphis coach.

That's worth noting.

But it's still an obvious NCAA violation because Hardaway was, at the time, a Memphis booster, according to the way the NCAA defines such things. Schools dealing with situations like this usually respond by ruling the student-athlete ineligible and seeking reinstatement. But Memphis is taking a different approach.

James Wiseman will continue to play.

Memphis will fight!

So, needless to say, Matt Norlander and I opened Sunday's episode of the CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast by discussing the Wiseman story from every angle. How did we get here? Where is it going? Is Memphis really just going to play Wiseman all season and dare the NCAA to later vacate it?

Lots of questions.

It's a fascinating story -- and possibly an unprecedented one. So we spent about 45 minutes on Wiseman's NCAA case. After that, the conversation went like this:

  • 46:00: Myles Powell, a CBS Sports Preseason First Team All-American, suffered an ankle injury in Saturday's win over Stony Brook that's expected to force him to miss multiple games -- including Thursday's showdown with Michigan State. How bad is this for Seton Hall? Can the Pirates still threaten the Spartans later this week? 
  • 52:00: There were some nice early wins for various schools this weekend. Washington upset No. 16 Baylor 67-64. Texas upset No. 23 Purdue 70-66. And Florida State upset No. 6 Florida 63-51. What was the biggest surprise of those three outcomes?

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