Condoleezza Rice wrote a column for USA TODAY in an attempt to clarify that, yes, she does believe student-athletes should be allowed to benefit from their name, image and likeness. That's nice to hear. But her insistence that the NCAA can't move forward on the issue until the courts provide a legal framework is difficult to understand. And, either way, what she needs to understand is that if there are indeed going to be parameters -- like caps or limits or whatever -- then it won't actually"clean up" college basketball.


Because a black market will still exist with caps of any kind, that's why. And, because of that, it's why I've always been in favor of a cap-free system that allows student-athletes to truly accept their fair-market value, regardless of the number. I've written about it many times. Here's one example. And what the NCAA will find out, eventually, is that anything short of putting my proposed system in place will do very little to curb the cheating that's forever been going on at the highest levels of the sport.

Matt Norlander and I discussed that at the top of this episode of the Eye on College Basketball Podcast. After that, the conversation went like this:

  • 14:16: Kentucky secured a commitment from five-star guard Tyrese Maxey on Wednesday. What kind of player is he? Is reclassifying an option? Will he help the Wildcats lure James Wiseman to Lexington?
  • 19:54: In early March, after an ESPN story alleged he was caught on a wiretap discussing a pay-for-play scheme involving Deandre Ayton, Arizona coach Sean Miller lost his entire recruiting class. But he's still managed to secure a top-25 class over the past two months -- plus two grad transfers. Is that enough to keep the Wildcats near the top of the Pac-12 next season?
  • 27:48: La Salle coach Ashley Howard has hired Kenny Johnson, who was fired last year at Louisville, to be an assistant on his staff. It's a development that makes Johnson the first coach who was terminated because of the wide-ranging college basketball scandal to land a new job at a Division I university. But is Howard smart to do this? Or is he risking something he shouldn't be risking?

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