College Basketball Podcast: Duke is better than the Fab Five but inferior to all NBA teams

Three days after Duke humiliated Kentucky in the Champions Classic, the Blue Devils continue to be the talk of the sport. So, naturally, Matt Norlander and I opened this episode of the Eye on College Basketball Podcast on the team that's ranked No. 1 in the CBS Sports Top 25 And 1.

  • OPEN: Chris Webber and Jalen Rose need to calm down. It's ludicrous to say Zion Williamson couldn't start for the Fab Five -- and it's probably wrong to suggest Duke couldn't beat the Fab Five. Do folks not remember that the First Fab team went 11-7 in the Big Ten? They were a six-seed in the NCAA Tournament!
  • 18:30: That said, the Duke-could-beat-an-NBA-team stuff is equally dumb. Duke has, maybe, four or five NBA players on its roster while the worst NBA team has a roster filled with -- follow me here -- nothing but NBA players. Plus, they're mostly grown-ass men. So I don't care if we're talking about the Cavs or the Suns. Either would beat Duke -- or any other college team -- by however many points it wanted.
  • 21:28: The FBI has given the NCAA the go-ahead to investigate and punish schools connected to its ongoing investigation. What does that mean for Kansas, Louisville, Maryland, etc?
  • 24:49: No. 25 Washington is at No. 11 Auburn late Friday. Plus, there's the Veterans Classic featuring Wichita State-Providence and Maryland-Navy. So we closed with some thoughts on this weekend's games.

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