College Basketball Podcast: Michael Avenatti brings former Duke star Zion Williamson back into the headlines

August is probably the slowest month for college basketball. But Michael Avenatti's legal team provided some news this week when it filed a motion to have extortion charges against him dropped -- which brought names like Zion Williamson and Romeo Langford back into the headlines. So, obviously, Matt Norlander and I discussed that at the top of this episode of the CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast -- but only after I explained why I'm dealing with #DoubleTennisElbow.

From there, the conversation went like this:

11:00: What, if anything, will a motion filed this week detailing allegations that Nike was paying, or was willing to pay, people connected to elite prospects in exchange for their participation on the EYBL circuit mean for those prospects and the college programs for which they played? We discussed the Avenatti story from every angle and highlighted one obvious difference between this and what Adidas executives were caught doing by federal authorities.

34:30: Norlander dove into KenPom's program rankings earlier this week and made some notes about 13 different schools -- among them Arkansas. Can you believe the Razorbacks went to the Sweet 16 six times in a seven-year span from 1990 to 1996 -- but haven't been back since? It's one of the craziest college basketball facts that exists.

45:30: RIP to #TheRichPaulRule. I wrote about it here. We closed the podcast by discussing it.

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