Matt Norlander was inside Hinkle Fieldhouse for Butler's win over top-ranked Villanova. So we opened this episode of the Eye on College Basketball podcast by discussing that upset.

Does it make him think any differently of Villanova?

What does it say about Butler?

We spent about 10 minutes on that game -- then transitioned, unintentionally at the 11:40 mark, into a conversation about the best-looking coaches in college basketball. (I apologize.) We put Butler's LaVall Jordan in the top 15. But Villanova's Jay Wright remains the GOAT.

Anyway ...

We eventually turned our attention, at the 17:01 mark, to Arizona's win over Arizona State. Fun game. And though it resulted in the Sun Devils' first loss, I don't believe they were exposed as fraudulent or anything. They traded punches on the road with a team talented enough to make the Final Four. Good effort, I thought. Which is why I left Arizona State at No. 2 in the CBS Sports Top 25 (and one).

Duke is my new No. 1.

We talked a little about that at the 19:52 mark. Then, at the 25:32 mark, we spent some time on Trae Young's latest incredible performance, discussed New Year's Eve, some of the top albums of 2017 and called it a day.

The latest Eye on College Basketball podcast is below.

Give it a listen.