College Basketball Podcast: Will Coach K's support of the Fair Pay To Play law matter to the NCAA?

Duke Hall of Fame coach Mike Krzyzewski came out in favor of California's 'Fair Pay To Play Act' this week and said the NCAA is maybe a "decade or two" behind on the subject of allowing student-athletes to profit off of their name, image and likeness. Those words are significant coming from the biggest voice in college basketball. So Matt Norlander and I got together Wednesday afternoon to discuss Coach K's thoughts on this episode of the CBS Sports Eye On College Basketball Podcast.

Will Krzyzewski's position push the NCAA this direction? Why does Syracuse coach Jim Boeheim disagree with Krzyzewski? We spent about 16 minutes discussing the latest in the name, image and likeness debate. After that, the conversation went like this:

  • 16:30: Basically everybody has Duke, Louisville, North Carolina and Virginia -- in some order -- as the top four teams in the ACC. Who is the most vulnerable of that group? Is there a sleeper most have projected to finish in the bottom half of the league that could break into the top four?
  • 26:30: Kansas held its annual "Late Night at the Phog" event last Friday night. Boy, was it something? Snoop Dogg performed with acrobatic dancers on stripper poles. Fake money was shot in the direction of KU's players. It was a bad look for a program facing a potentially serious punishment from the NCAA. Will the in-your-face approach backfire on Kansas when it meets with the committee on infractions? Would there by a wilder story than the Jayhawks winning a title under these circumstances?

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