NCAA Basketball: Northern Colorado at Houston

The 2022-23 season debut of the NCAA's NET rankings -- a tool used by the NCAA Tournament selection committee to evaluate a team's résumé -- landed Monday with very little drama at the top with Houston, the No. 1 team in the AP Top 25 and Coaches Poll, coming in at No. 1 in the NET as well. 

UConn, a top-10 team with a top-five resume, is No. 2 in the NET, but there are, as there typically is with the debut rankings of the NET, some surprises throughout the first iteration of the rankings.

Like preseason No. 1 North Carolina? It lands at No. 39 in the NET rankings, which will update daily between now and Selection Sunday. And Baylor and Creighton, ranked No. 6 and No. 7, respectively, in last week's AP poll? They're at 32 and 33, respectively, in the first NET rankings. 

There's also some surprises of the favorable variety. Sam Houston State, ranked 91st at and nowhere near the AP or Coaches Poll rankings, ranks No. 7 in the debut of the NET. Mississippi State (No. 5), West Virginia (No. 11), Utah State (No. 15), Florida Atlantic (No. 23) and Kent State (No. 24) also ranked higher than industry consensus. 

There is always some surprises in the NET rankings because it is more than just a predictive metric or a reactive ranking -- it is a two-component rankings that accounts for net adjusted efficiency and also has a Team Value Index that ranks based on results and quality of opponent -- and the first rankings are no different. It does not account for brand recognition or general consensus whatsoever. So you'll get plenty of mid-major love for teams faring well, like Kent State and Sam Houston State, as well as some tough love, like blue blood Louisville coming in at No. 361 out of 363 Division I teams.

The full rankings can be found here. Below is the top 25.

NCAA NET rankings

1. Houston
2. UConn
3. Purdue
4. Tennessee
5. Mississippi State
6. Maryland
7. Sam Houston State
8. Alabama
9. Virginia
10. Indiana
11. West Virginia
12. Texas
13. Illinois
14. UCLA
15. Utah State
16. Saint Mary's
17. Duke
18. Kansas
19. Utah
20. Iowa
21. Auburn
22. Iowa State
23. Florida Atlantic
24. Kent State
25. Arkansas