We have a shake up in the top five of the college basketball rankings after a huge weekend in Big Ten action, as No. 4 Illinois jumped ahead of No. 5 Ohio State in the Coaches Poll following the Buckeyes loss to No. 3 Michigan and a dominant win by the Fighting Illini at Minnesota

Gonzaga and Baylor held their positions at No. 1 and No. 2 as the teams in the top five remained the same, just in a different order. Houston was tied for fifth in last week's balloting but fell five spots to No. 10 after losing to Wichita State on Thursday night. 

Florida State had one of the most significant moves in this week's Coaches Poll balloting, moving seven spots up to No. 9 after a week that included a win against Virginia. The Cavaliers had one of the biggest moves down of the week, falling six spots to No. 14 after adding a loss at Duke on Saturday to the early-week defeat in Tallahassee. 

Both Texas, down three spots to No. 16, and Texas Tech, down six spots to No. 17, fell after losses on Saturday with West Virginia, up two spots to No. 13, and Kansas, up five spots to No. 19, seeing a boost from those top-25 wins. 
Arkansas, at 17-5, jumped from five spots outside the top 25 a week ago into the rankings at No. 20 and San Diego State, ranked in the AP Top 25 but unranked by the coaches a week ago, moved up into the Coaches Poll at No. 25. Their additions to the poll come as Missouri (No. 19) and Tennessee (No. 20). fell from the rankings. 

Coaches Poll

The top 25 teams in the USA Today college basketball poll, with first-place votes in parentheses, records through Sunday, total points based on 25 points for a first-place vote through one point for a 25th-place vote and last week's ranking:

1Gonzaga (27)22-07951
2Baylor (4)17-07712
3Michigan (1)16-17373
5Ohio State18-56484
9Florida State13-349016
13West Virginia15-646215
15Virginia Tech14-431417
17Texas Tech14-722411
21Oklahoma State14-613222
22Loyola Chicago19-412423
25San Diego State17-496NR

Others receiving votes: Missouri 83; Tennessee 74; Purdue 64; Belmont 45; Drake 22; UCLA 17; Clemson 16; LSU 13; Winthrop 9; Brigham Young 9; Boise State 8; Wichita State 7; North Carolina 5; Connecticut 3; Seton Hall 1.