College of Charleston votes to leave SoCon ... eventually

One week after Davidson officials opted to bypass a chance to upgrade its league, College of Charleston trustees decided it would do what Davidson could not.

Nothing is official yet, but on Friday Charleston brass -- follow me here -- passed a resolution that would allow the school to begin negotiations with the Southern Conference about leaving. And also with the Colonial Athletic Association about joining.

But a vote has not been passed yet to actually do that. Repeat: College of Charleston has not formally voted to definitively leave the SoCon for the CAA. That vote will come in the future. It seems a certainty that this will be happening, though, although it's interesting to note that Friday's vote came out to a 12-to-5 verdict; not a universal feeling in that board room.

When this does happen, the Southern Conference will be losing a pillar member in C of C, which has been part of the league only since 1998, but has been a cog for 14 years. The fit for the CAA is a good one, as the Cougars would theoretically compete in the top half of the league on a semi-annual basis.

And you know how we always talk about how football drives the bus on these decisions and basketball is just tied to the bumper and taking the ride? In this case, consider C of C's baseball program, which is stout and getting a significant downgrade. SoCon hardball is much better all-around than what the Colonial offers, but baseball doesn't bring in revenue. There's always some sport or two or five that's taking a big hit with these kind of moves.

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