Crabbe's father: 'You can't put your hands on a kid. It's 2013'

Last weekend, we saw plenty of crazy college basketball, with great endings, upsets and everything else. But the biggest talking point was the confrontation between California coach Mike Montgomery and guard Allen Crabbe.

And, three days later, we’re still talking about it. And so are Crabbe’s parents.

The San Jose Mercury News got in touch with Crabbe’s parents, and each of them had interesting things to say about the shove.

“I’m probably having a hard time putting it behind me,” his mother, Cheryl Price, said.

“I told Montgomery, ‘I respect you as a coach. Do I respect what you did? No. You can’t put your hands on a kid. It’s 2013,’” Allen Crabbe Jr., his father, added.

Crabbe seemed peeved at the time of the incident, seeming to mouth, “put your hands on me like that,” while shaking his head after getting pushed. He then spent several minutes pacing back and forth in the tunnel before returning to the bench and then being put back in the game. 

Richard Solomon and Justin Cobbs both had to step in to calm Crabbe down. After the game, though, Crabbe seemed fine with the entire ordeal.

“Allen asked his dad and I to let him handle it, [saying], ‘I have to do these things myself,’” his mother told the paper. “We’re letting him handle it the way he wants to.”

Montgomery was issued a public reprimand from the Pac-12, and his athletic director also spoke out against the shove.

Furthermore, Montgomery did apologize about the incident, saying that he "deeply regret[s]" what happened and also said "It's not going to happen again." 

Crabbe, a junior from Los Angeles, is leading the conference in scoring at 19.8 points. California has played itself into the at-large hunt with three straight wins. The Golden Bears head on the road to Oregon on Thursday.

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