DC Assault co-founder Curtis Malone gets 100 months in federal prison

The man who helped build one of the better AAU programs on the East Coast has been sentenced to 100 months in federal prison.

DC Assault co-founder Curtis Malone was put behind bars on Wednesday for "his role in a network that distributed large amounts of cocaine and heroin in the D.C. area."

“Curtis Malone had the opportunity to be a positive role model for young people, but with today’s prison sentence, he becomes a cautionary tale,” U.S. Attorney Ronald Machen said via statement. “The lesson is simple: peddling drugs and toting guns will put you behind bars.  We hope that young people who see Malone’s fate will steer clear of the lifestyle that led to his downfall.”

The story was a shocker and bombshell in the greater D.C. area when it broke last summer. Malone -- who was charged with drug possession in 1991 -- was indicted for drug trafficking, immediately threatening the credibility/reputation of the Assault program, even though Malone was no longer directly involved in the day-to-day operations of the outfit.

The DC Assault team boasts former players Michael Beasley, Jeff Green, Keith Bogans and James White.

Malone pleaded guilty to drug conspiracy charges in March. A confiscation of Malone's residence last summer led to a loaded pistol and nearly 100 grams worth of cocaine. Cocaine residue was found in two spots. There were also more than 80 grams of heroin discovered at Malone's home, per police records.

“The cloak that Curtis Malone wore for more than two decades has been removed and a man who was once entrusted with his community's most valuable assets, its children, will no longer live freely in the community that he was covertly destroying,” Karl Colder, an agent who worked the case, said in a statement. “DEA has assured that Mr. Malone will pay a dear price for dealing heroin and cocaine on the streets of the District, all the while touting himself as a mentor to children. As a father, I cannot think of anything worse in life than being entrusted the future of our youth and abusing that privileged as Mr. Malone has clearly done.”

Malone will face five years of supervised release after he is able to leave prison, and during that time he'll be obligated to undergo 75 hours of community service per year. He also owes $150,000 in forfeiture.

Three others involved in the case pleaded guilty, one of whom received 90 months in prison; the other two await their sentencing. None of the other three are connected to DC Assault. One man, 47-year-old Micah Jerry Bidgell, remains a runaway from the law.

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