Delta bumps passengers for Gators basketball team

College athletes are typically the beneficiaries of tons of perks, but rarely do we hear of a team inconveniencing the general public. 

On Sunday, as the Florida Gators were preparing to fly to Storrs for Monday’s clash against Connecticut, their flight out of Gainesville Regional Airport was delayed due to a maintenance issue. To accommodate the team, Delta Airlines cancelled an Atlanta-bound flight, delaying and re-routing up to 50 passengers. 

The inconvenienced passengers were all booked on later flights, the last of which departed on Monday.

One passenger bound for Atlanta told The Gainesville Sun that Delta attributed the cancellation to a mechanical difficulty, but once passengers noticed the Gators basketball team boarding, it became clear what had happened.

According to a Gator spokesman, the decision was made by Delta and not anyone associated with the school. Still, for those passengers who were delayed, Connecticut’s Shabazz Napier had to have made their Monday evening just a little bit sweeter. 

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