Draft Trends: Which teams/leagues breed the most All-Stars?

Kentucky's created the most All-Stars, but the SEC has some surprises. (USATSI)

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We're continuing our series of NBA Draft Trends, looking at how college hoops and the NBA have blended over the past X amount of years/eras to see which schools, teams, players, etc. have stood out -- for good and for bad.

The latest entry looks at where value was found in terms of All-Star Gamea appearances. Which leagues have the most total ASG showings, and which have produced the most players to earn bids? I've also compiled a look at how the rest of the world compares to U.S.-born players.

First, the total number of players from each league to make an All-Star game in the past 20 years.


If you look at total number of All-Star Game appearances, the ACC is running away from the field. And the Big Ten is wildly behind. In the none-and-one era, you can see the talent pool is on par over the long haul as what the best of college had to offer.

Per program, it's Kentucky that has the most players to go on and earn a spot in the annual flashy mid-February game.

And in looking at the globe, it's clear the rest of the world is catching up, but by no means is it anywhere near the homegrown talent. This in terms of elite players/ratio.

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