Duke fans need to take a ridiculously difficult trivia test to sit in Krzyzewskiville for Duke-North Carolina tickets

Duke vs. North Carolina is always a hot ticket, but this year it's something special. Zion Williamson is one of the more special players we've had in recent college basketball memories, and this could undoubtedly be Duke fans' only year to see him. With that in mind, Krzyzewskiville is going to be packed, and Duke knows that perfectly well.

To combat the insane demand to camp out outside of the arena in Krzyzewskiville, Duke has come up with a solution: A trivia exam. And a brutal one at that. Sports Illustrated shared it, and if you want to camp, you'd better know your stuff.

Over 150 tents signed up in the first hour of registration on Jan. 3, far exceeding the 80-tent limit laid out in the handbook. So the first 70 spots were awarded to those who did best on the quiz. Some of the questions are the kinds of things that you'd expect. First you need to name all 15 players and give their jersey numbers. Then it gets a bit deeper, when you have to name their position and their hometown. Then you have to name leaders in stat totals and give their averages in whole numbers.

You also need to know the entire Duke coaching staff and what they do, which players reclassified, and the recruiting rank of every freshman. You must also know how much Duke has trailed by, how many dunks Duke is averaging and how many viewers tuned in for Duke's most-watched game (and you obviously must know what game it was).

Then, once you get to the later sections things get really tough. You must know which player has a godfather who played in the NBA as an All-Star and who that player is and whose dad has won two silver medals in the Olympics. It's utterly insane.

After that, a second quiz will be laid out, because this quiz is just to get a spot in line. Basically, don't accuse those in Krzyzewskiville of being bandwagoners against North Carolina. They earned that spot. All 840 of the 1,800 students who took it.

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