Duke vs. Virginia: Watch Zion Williamson hustle to block shot attempt into the bleachers

You might know the name Zion Williamson, Duke's talented freshman sensation, from his highlight reel dunks. Or maybe you recognize him because he's the projected No. 1 pick in the 2019 NBA Draft. Whatever the case, you know he's an unbelievable athlete.

Take this latest submission of evidence on Saturday, for example:

Now that is how you recover on a play. That wasn't even Zion's man who floated to the corner. But he challenged himself to contest the shot from across court and succeeded by casually stuffing the shot attempt into the third row of the bleachers. Look how far away he was when De'Andre Hunter was already loaded up!


And yet he still managed to do this:


Pretty impressive stuff (no pun intended). It was one of three blocks for Williamson on the afternoon, and part of an impressive 18-point and five-block stat line he recorded as No. 2 Duke rolled to an impressive 81-71 road win over No. 3 Virginia.

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