Duke coach Mike Krzyzewski spoke Tuesday on a number of topics ranging from the recruiting scandal inundating college basketball, to the health of of the entire sport. He was candid in his interaction and wasn't short of criticism on the lack of change in the sport despite the ever-changing landscape.

"The landscape of college basketball for the player, from middle school to high school to college to the pros, keeps changing," Krzyzewski said. "We in college have not changed as much as the landscape has changed. We are not equipped right now to handle that. We don't have a good model, a model that fits what's happening in basketball, so college basketball's going to have problems. Before these kids ever come to us, we are not the only ones recruiting these youngsters. Talent is being recruited all the time in every shape and form—in singing, dancing, studies, sport, whatever.

"When we recruit, the grassroots culture of basketball before we get them has changed dramatically. And not necessarily all bad—I think the kids are more organized. Kids get more opportunities .. it's a little bit more business."

Krzyzewski, a Hall-of-Fame coach with five NCAA Tournament titles to his name, is the all-time winningest coach in men's Division I history. So he's thrived in the current system both in the past and in the present, which makes his criticism of the system reverberate even louder.

Krzyzewski also addressed the FBI's findings last week which resulted in the arrests of four Division I assistants. And while many have been quick to throw up walls of skepticism and doubt about the sports authenticity in the wake of the investigation, Krzyzewski, like UNC coach Roy Williams, was quick to point out that not all of it is corrupt.

"Last week was bad, doesn't mean all of college basketball is bad," Krzyzewski said. "It also doesn't mean that it's necessarily the tip of some iceberg. I don't necessarily agree with that. I think the iceberg is really good."