Former Michigan star Robinson's champ ring on eBay for $90K

. (via eBay)
Rumeal Robinson's championship ring from '89 is fetching an astronomical price. (All photos via eBay)

If you've got $89,899.89 to burn and happen to be a Michigan hoops fan, that right there is waiting for the taking on eBay. Plus: free shipping! The listing of former Michigan guard Rumeal Robinson's championship ring is pricey, but also authenticated, according to the listing page on eBay. And the seller is working in conjunction with eBay to give 40 percent of the ring's sale to the Jimmy V Foundation, which will go toward cancer research.

It's unclear when Robinson lost possession of his former ring. This could've been two decades ago, for all we know.

Robinson is famous for scoring 21 points and sinking clutch free throws in the closing seconds, leading Michigan to the national title over Seton Hall in 1989. But he's also infamous, and currently sitting in prison, for swindling people -- including his own family -- out of money.  (Do read this profile on the damage he's done.)

Considering the auction listing description includes the sentence, "How about another VERY RARE Championship Ring just in time for March Madness!!!" it's safe to assume this item has been showing in the window for more than seven months. No surprise, given the hefty sticker price. The same seller is also hawking championship rings from 1993 North Carolina ($16K) and $15,993.93 1976 Indiana ($32K).

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