Good lord look at what James Madison did to its basketball court

The new JMU court was voted on by Facebook fans of the program. (JMU Athletics)
The new JMU court was voted on by Facebook fans of the program. (JMU Athletics)

Is that a basketball court or the forgotten hidden level on Super Mario 64?

James Madison lowered the bar with its unveiling of the new court design. The news came down while you and I were unaware of this devilish diagram being released on an unsuspecting public during Labor Day Weekend. How I want to go back to those days.

Hey, I've got nothing against the good people that work at and for JMU. But this decision seems a bit hasty or misguided, like someone in power decided to let their 6-year-old grandson pick the winner.

No, wait. Is that so? Turns out this was the winning pick via Facebook vote. JMU calls it a "modernized look."

“Several months of planning and tweaking have culminated in a layout that will be uniquely JMU while instilling heightened spirit and pride,” James Madison AD Jeff Bourne said. “I’d like to commend our folks for their hard work to identify a bolder, more distinctive appearance while also thanking the many fans who participated in our social media design campaign.”

Ironically enough, James Madison fans online are mostly not happy/bordering on angry/OK downright angry with the pick.

Here are some other perfectly fine designs that were passed over.

Becky Taylor is the person who brought forth most of the design that was chosen. She's quoted in JMU's press release: “It attracts new young recruits, gets media attention and is seen by many. ... This court will do the same thing. It will make people stop and watch.”

That I cannot argue.

(H/T, Dagger)

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