Hey, didn't you used to be undefeated?

Arizona?  Lost.  Duke?  Lost.  Michigan?  Big comeback, but still lost.

None remain.  The Miami Dolphins popped champagne reflexively.

There are 11 teams with one loss, nine of which are crowding the top of the bracket.  We are in for a wild race for the No. 1 seeds.

Despite losing, Duke is still the overall No. 1 in today's bracket, followed by Kansas, Louisville and Arizona.

Kentucky fans were mad at me for putting the Wildcats in a play-in game in the last bracket.  After the loss to Texas A&M, they're out entirely.  I'm sure that only made BBN madder at me.

Oklahoma picked up a big win over the weekend, knocking off rival Oklahoma State for it's first win over a likely tournament team.

That's true for Indiana as well, which held off Minnesota on Saturday, and for Mississippi, which drilled Missouri.

Wisconsin joins the bracket after pounding Illinois.  The Badgers have won six straight, but five of those were at home.  They are in Bloomington to face the Hoosiers Tuesday, so their time in the bracket may be short lived.

North Carolina got a monkey off its back with a decent road win at Florida State.  The Tar Heels had been struggling away from home, so that may be a nice confidence builder for them.

It was a tough weekend at the top of the MVC.  Wichita State lost a couple of seed lines with a loss at Evansville, while Indiana State dropped out of the bracket entirely after losing at Southern Illinois.

The next bracket is Friday.

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