INFOGRAPHICS: Top 10 most popular NCAA Tournament upset picks

Considering which upsets in the Round of 64 are most likely? Which ones you want to avoid, so as to not pick the same games as others? We've got a look now at the teams seeing the heaviest proportion of picks from users.

No. 9s over No. 8s barely qualify as upsets, so take those with a grain of salt. You'll notice the first non-nine or non-10 seed is No. 12 Harvard, which one in three people are picking to beat Cincinnati. It's interesting to note that the Crimson are getting more love than No. 9 George Washington, which plays well-known Memphis.

That "11 Round 1 #4" signals that a lot of people believe Iowa or Tennessee is going to beat UMass.

And here's a scatter plot of all the 32 lower seeds. The line shows that, as seeds increase, there's an inverse relationship in the amount of fans that pick them to upset.

Pretty significant to note that Pittsburgh is so highly thought of as well. The Panthers have lost five of their past nine.

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