Luke Slavens, a 20-year-old manager for the Iowa Hawkeyes basketball team, had a near-death experience during a practice earlier this month. He had a heart attack during rebounding drills, USA Today reported. Thanks to the team's athletic trainer Brad Floy, who is a CPR instructor, Slavens is alive to tell his story despite his heart stopping for between two and three minutes.

Slavens has Brugada Syndrome, which causes unusual electrical activity in the heart. He was going about business as usual at the practice when he began to feel dizzy and Floy told him to take a seat.

As Slavens told USA Today, "The next thing I know. I'm on the ground with a mask on me and they're pumping on my chest."

When Floy told Slavens to sit down before the episode, he tried to talk to him to gauge how he was doing.

"I started asking him some questions… then he starts to get a little pale. Then he stops answering my questions," Floy said. 

It was then that Slavens went into cardiac arrest. A nearby student call 911 and then the gym was cleared out as Slavens got to the ground to being CPR..

Using a defibrillator, Floy sent a charge to his chest and when help arrived the officers assisted with CPR. After receiving CPR, Floy said, "Luke's arm came up and pushed his mask up off his face."

Slavens spoke to how scary the situation was saying:

"The scariest part is thinking about if this had happened outside of basketball. I'm just happy that I'm back. I'm happy to be here."

Slavens had surgery two days after the heart attack and is already back behind the bench for Iowa.