Jim Boeheim jacket from Duke ejection auctions for $14K

Jim Boeheim's first ejection in a regular season game came back in late February, at Duke. It was a monumental moment, in part because Boeheim's hook helped usher his team to a loss in its first trip ever to Cameron Indoor Stadium. It also came at the end of/tainted what was a great game.

The more we're removed from that game, the more I think we're fated to forget how great it was -- but forever remember Boeheim's tantrum that led to the Internet blowing up due to the images that came about afterward. Because Boeheim's jacket took on a life of its own.

Capitalizing on a good opportunity to make some money for those in need, Boeheim actually put the coat up for auction at a recent formal event. Boeheim and his wife, Juli, have a foundation in their name. And a man named Neil Gold plunked down 14 grand to own the sartorial rights to an all-time piece of Cuse memorabilia.

"For somebody like me — this was perfect," said Gold. "It was the first time we played Duke at Cameron. It was the first time Coach was thrown out of a real game. It's part of Syracuse basketball lore now."


The bidding ended on Gold's $14,000 pledge. Gold's attendance at the Duke game, where he sat directly behind the Orange bench and witnessed the SU coach strip off the very jacket he now possesses, makes the purchase more precious.

"I was right behind Coach," Gold said, "and I was the next one to be ejected."

(Gold was not tossed from the game. He just loudly disagreed with Tony Greene's charging call on C.J. Fair, the source of all the drama.)

The best thing to come from this is still a Twitter picture meme that was sent to me by someone named @Garcizzle13, and immediately thereafter became viral.

I'm still laughing.

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