Kentucky coach John Calipari addressed Wednesday night's rivalry game against Louisville during his weekly press conference Tuesday ... what the game means for the program, where his team stands and how he's feeling about his young Wildcats team.

Calipari also made it clear he was ready for it to be over with already.

"I'm happy when it's over," Calipari said. "Just get it done. Everybody makes it life or death and it's not life or death. It's worse than that."

All joking aside (he was joking about that, right?), Calipari is ready to see where his young team stands. He admitted his team wasn't ready for the challenge against UCLA -- Kentucky's lone loss of the season -- but Louisville will be a good measuring stick for his team on the road.

"Literally -- and I imagine Rick [Pitino] is the same way -- Let's just play the game. Let's see what happens and let's go. We've got our league to deal with. He's got his league to deal with. Let's just move on."