NC State has reportedly received a subpoena by a grand jury in the FBI's ongoing investigation into corruption and bribery in college basketball.

According to the Washington Post, the request -- which was received on Jan. 17 -- is one for records, and not for interviews with current staff members. The contents of the subpoena request are confidential.

The grand jury is seeking records as part of the Justice Department's ongoing probe into corruption in college basketball -- a scandal that has cost multiple college coaches their jobs, most notably Hall of Fame coach Rick Pitino who was fired from Louisville for his involvement in the nefarious recruitment of a five-star prospect.

First-year coach Kevin Keatts has denied any involvement in the corruption investigation, saying on Feb. 19 that, "We are 100 percent not involved in this," according to the News & Observer. NC State spokesman Fred Demarest said that Keatts was not made aware of the January subpoena when he addressed the topic.

"Coach Keatts was not contacted about and did not know about the subpoena when he addressed the issue in February," Demarest said.

It is unclear how - or if - NC State is involved in the corruption case. However a report from Yahoo Sports last month revealing internal documents from ASM Sports Agency detailed how  Dennis Smith Jr., a former NC State player, receved $43,500 in the form of a loan. Another document in the report indicated Smith received $73,500.