K-State enticing people to women's hoops games by offering free bacon

We are a fat nation, and we are a nation that loves its sports.

So why not combine the two passions for one pork-fueled fantasy, right? That's what Kansas State is doing. The marketing geniuses in Manhattan, Kansas, clearly knew something smelled right when they cooked up the concept of giving away free bacon in exchange for people attending Wildcats women's basketball games.

Yes, that's right. Go to watch the women play hoops and you can eat free bacon. Because what makes an arena smell better than sweat, sneakers, soda and pork? (Pork Soda, yumm!) The feast is on for Friday, as K-State opens its season at home against Tennessee State. For only that game, if you show up with valid ID, you're getting free bacon -- five slices of it.

Yahoo Sports tracked down those who did the thinking behind the publicity stunt and decided on the idea back in August.

"It was really honestly more of a joke when we threw it out to the committee at first," said Bethany Cordell, a graduate assistant in Kansas State's Fan Experience and Sales office. "We were like, 'What about bacon?' When we got such an overwhelmingly excited response, it was something we definitely had to look into."
Word of the promotion spread so quickly via blogs and social media that Kansas State had to triple its order to its concessionaire. Caterers will now cook 300 pounds of bacon for the students instead of the 100 Kansas State initially requested. ...
Cordell anticipated about 1,000 students attending Friday night's game, a huge turnout considering the opponent. If that many students indeed show up, don't expect the bacon giveaway to be a one-time-only thing.
"We'll see how it goes on Friday," Cordell said. "If people are just as excited about it on Friday, this is something we'll definitely look at doing again."

It's college and it's college kids and it's free food. There is no more valuable commodity (almost) than that between the ages of 18 and 22. I need to know how this is getting dispersed. Will it be given out at the turnstiles? Next to the nachos and pretzels? Is a concession dude gonna be walking around with tongs and a cookie sheet?

I need to know basically everything about this night. Readers attending: tweet us your bacon photos.  The college basketball season starts Friday, and now there's no event I'm more intrigued about than bacon basketball.

Yes: bacon basketball.

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