There have been numerous high major programs that have come under the FBI's microscope since it began digging into potential corruption into college basketball, and the University of Kansas is among the latest.

It was reported earlier this month that KU had been subpoenaed in the case involving former player Billy Preston and current player Silvio De Sousa. Tuesday, two subpoenas were released with any player's name redacted after an open records request from the Kansas City Star was filled. 

Included in the first federal subpoena dated Jan. 8, 2018, are requests to produce materials related to the recruitment and enrollment of a player -- as well as any records of communication between KU and that player and his family. It also requests record of communication later regarding exchanges between KU officials and James Gatto, the former Adidas representative who is among those ensnared in the scandal.

The second subpoena released Tuesday, which was signed March 14, 2018, requests all information about the recruitment and enrollment of player and for KU to provide documents in connection to the player's eligibility, as well as any interview transcript or recording in connection with the investigation of the player's eligibility.

Dates on both subpoenas indicate that they were received by Kansas before federal prosecutors released a superseding indictment on April 10, 2018, wherein new charges were filed against Gatto. In those charges filed in April, court documents show that Gatto and a co-conspirator were scheming to pay the guardian of De Sousa. It also alleges that Gatto funneled $90,000 to another KU player, believed to be Preston.

"These documents do not suggest any wrongdoing by the university," university affairs officer Andy Hyland told The Star in an email. "We are cooperating fully with investigators in this matter. Because this is an active investigation, it is not appropriate for us to comment further at this time."

Jayhawks coach Bill Self said earlier this month that De Sousa remains a member of the Kansas basketball team, however Preston, a former five-star recruit who was a freshman last season, never suited up for the Jayhawks and is now on a two-way contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers.