Kent Bazemore arrested prior to CIT quarterfinal

Bazemore's arrest Wednesday night likely stemmed from a DUI last summer. (US Presswire)

From the layup line to the booking room all in a matter of minutes.

That was the gist of Old Dominion star Kent Bazemore's Wednesday night. The 6-5 Monarchs senior was detained by local authorities in the bowel's of the Constant Convocation Center minutes before the team's CIT quarterfinal home game against Mercer.

Bazemore was taken away in handcuffs just as about he was to begin to play what could have been the final game of his college career.

WAVY TV has more:
Last summer, Kent Bazemore was convicted on a DUI charge, Virginia Beach spokeswoman Margie Hobbs said. 

According to court records, Bazemore did not fulfill the conditions of his sentence, which involved attending ASAP classes. A court appearance was scheduled in connection with the missed classes.

When he didn't show up to court, an arrest warrant was issued.

Hobbs said a Virginia Beach detective drove to the Ted Constant Center Wednesday night, knowing Bazemore would be there.

Bazemore was released after being booked/fingerprinted at a Virginia Beach jail.

So, what were Bazemore's conditions that weren't met? The likely violations were things like skipping mandatory classes, small fines, etc. He then dodged the police for months, and so on Thursday night, Bazemore was picked off in the most obvious spot possible.

My question: Why'd it take this long? Then again: can you imagine if this had happened at the CAA tournament? Or is that not possible, since the tournament was in Richmond, so therefore Virginia Beach Police couldn't arrest him? Fascinating, regardless.

ODU put out this quick notice on the matter:

"Kent Bazemore was suspended prior to the game for a possible conduct issue. We cannot comment further at this time as this is a student privacy issue. Information is still being gathered."

By the way, Old Dominion lost 79-73 to Mercer, meaning its season is over. And now Bazemore prepares to deal with this legal battle once and for all while he prepares to work for the NBA Draft.
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