According to a report from ESPN business analyst Mark Adams, Kentucky and Duke, the Nos. 1 and 2 teams in this week's college basketball rankings, were the two biggest spenders in college hoops in 2014-15. Shocking, right?

Here's the full list 1-10 in order of money spent by University.

1. Kentucky: $20,009,991

2. Duke University: $19,860,851

3. Louisville: $16,782,522

4. Syracuse University: $13,344,977

5. Indiana University: $11,352,554

6. Texas: $11,301,014

7. Kansas: $11,273,001

8. Michigan State University: $10,696,689

9. St John's University: $10,511,821

10. Georgetown University: $10,357,033

While it's not exactly groundbreaking news to hear the two top programs in the country happen to spend the most money, the numbers are certainly staggering. And the correlation between spending and winning unsurprisingly seems strong. Of the top three spenders on the list, all have won national championships within the past five seasons.

The top five spenders on the list combined to shell out $81.3 million. And while college players do not get paid for playing, the astounding numbers these programs spend on an annual basis certainly make it difficult to make a case for amateur athletics. Maybe Nigel Hayes has a point, after all.

Source: 247sports