Ex-UConn coach Kevin Ollie, who is in the midst of a battle with his former employee over the $10 million remaining on his contract at the time of his firing earlier this spring, could be gearing up for more litigation. According to a letter obtained by ESPN, Ollie intends to "assert claims against" UConn for defamation and invasion of privacy.

The development comes on the heels of the university releasing transcripts related to an NCAA investigation after it fulfilled a Freedom of Information Act request. In the letter, which was sent to UConn President Susan Herbst, Ollie's legal team demands a retraction from the school in regards to the information released, claiming the transcripts detailed confidential and false information that should have been protected due to the ongoing probe.

UConn issued the following statement to ESPN pushing back on the accusation from Ollie's legal team:

"UConn released the documents in direct response to a Freedom of Information request by Mr. Ollie's own attorneys. Other parties, including the media, also requested and received these same documents as required by Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) in Connecticut. The FOIA, which governs public agencies such as the University, does not permit the selective release of public records to certain parties while denying those same records to others."

In the information release that was included as part of the FOIA request included a second-hand claim by former associate head coach, Glen Miller, accusing Ollie of paying a former recruit $30,000 in exchange for a commitment. That information was not cited as a reason for Ollie's original firing, though, which is part of why Ollie's team is pushing back on the interpretation of the FOIA laws.

"This false and defamatory claim was released without prior notice to Coach Ollie and no attempt was made by the University of Connecticut to protect Coach Ollie from this false and defamatory claim or to disavow it," a letter from the law firm of Madsen, Prestley & Parenteau read. "The release of the confidential transcripts was coordinated to coincide with the publication of the news that Coach Ollie's employment was terminated by you on June 19, 2018."

According to information released in the FOIA request this week, UConn claims it was justified in Ollie's firing, citing minor NCAA violations related to recruiting and improper training sessions that took place under his watch as reasons for his dismissal.