Kevin Ware surprises 14-year-old car accident victim with hospital visit

Brianna Boel was out with a friend Wednesday as the sun was going down when she was terribly injured. Boel was one of two teenagers struck by a car in Louisville as they crossed an intersection.

"[The driver] hit the girl, and the girl buckled and hit the window," a witness told Wave3 news. "Then her friend hit her and bounced off and went rolling, and they wouldn't move."

Boel is the daughter of John Boel, a news anchor for NBC's Wave3 affiliate in Louisville. Word soon spread about the accident. Boel, 14, wound up with fractures to her skull, wrist and right leg (the X-ray shows a clean snap). There were concerns about spinal damage and brain bleeding as well. Fairly quickly, word made its way to Louisville's Kevin Ware.

And now, with his leg healing from when his season ended in the Elite Eight against Duke, Ware is giving back. He remembers what it was like to be cooped up in a hotel bed, unable to do anything but sit and recover. So on Thursday, after Boel's surgeries and after the cast had been put on her right leg, Ware made a trip to Kosair Children's Hospital.

Kevin Ware signs Brianna Boel's cast. (John Boel)
Kevin Ware signs Brianna Boel's cast. (John Boel)

John Boel posted the following on Facebook: "In the end, we’re not measured by points or titles. It’s what we do for others in need. U of L’s Kevin Ware heard about Brianna Boel’s fractured skull, wrist and horribly broken leg after being hit in a crosswalk, and offered to come to Kosair and show her how the rods implanted into her leg will not kill her dreams. It was the first smile in 2 painful days from this 14 yr old. God Bless you Kevin!"

Yes, rods in her leg -- those needed due to the fractured tibia and fibula she suffered. The injury is very similar to Ware's from March.

He signed her cast. The message?

"Pinky Promise. You will be fine."

The second girl involved in the accident is reportedly recovering from less severe injuries, and her name has not been released.

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