Lakers' LeBron James, Elizabeth Banks to co-produce college basketball drama 'Hoops'

LeBron James and his media company, SpringHill Entertainment, have reportedly gotten a script commitment from NBC to produce a college basketball drama series entitled Hoops.

The report by Variety comes on the heels of a similar report earlier this week that the new Lakers star will co-produce a comedy series inspired by the life of Sixers star Ben Simmons entitled Brotherly Love. That show will center on the relationship of siblings within a multi-ethnic family, and detail the life and pursuit of professional dreams in Philadelphia. Hoops has a much different storyline.

Here are more details on it from Variety:

In the one-hour series, after years on the road as both a star player and coach in the WNBA, Stevie Decker jumps at the chance to return to her alma mater to become the first female head coach of a men's college basketball team. But coming home isn't easy as her career took a toll on her family and the school she loves is embroiled in a sex scandal involving her mentor, a legendary former coach. NBC has given the project a script commitment with a penalty attached.

James is expected to be executive producer of both shows, alongside Kourtney Kang in Brotherly Love, and alongside Elizabeth Banks/Brownstone Productions in Hoops. James' SpringHill Entertainment company, which he runs alongside business partner Maverick Carter, will work to produce the latter in conjunction with Warner Bros. Television, according to Variety.

The latest report of James' Hollywood venture is a continuance of his strategic expansion into the media market through SpringHill Entertainment. In addition to Brotherly Love and Hoops, SpringHill Entertainment also has several other irons in the fire that include HBO and Netflix shows. James, Carter and SpringHill Entertainment have also collaborated with HBO Sports to produce The Shop, a show featuring LeBron James talking with stars in sports, comedy and elsewhere about life in an unfiltered conversational environment. 

Like Hoops, Brotherly Love was also given a script by NBC as a part of LeBron and his media companies goal to expand their content into the mainstream.

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