List of referees who are working the 2013 Final Four

A pool of hundreds of referees is whittled to 10 for the final weekend. (Getty Images)

So, if you're the cynical or paranoid or just plain curious kind of fan, here are the 10 men who've been chosen to work the Final Four this year. The NCAA sent out the release Monday night.

"A three-man crew will work each Final Four game, while one official will serve as the standby official for all three contests," according to the NCAA's statement. The names and home towns are:

John Cahill, Albany, NY.
Mike Eades, Princeton, West Va.
Tony Greene, Atlanta, Ga.
Karl Hess, Forrest, Va.
John Higgins, Omaha, Neb.
Les Jones, Chesapeake, Va.
Randy McCall, Highland Ranch, Colo.
Doug Sirmons, Virginia Beach, Va.
Mark Whitehead, Denham Springs, La.
Terry Wymer, North Baltimore, Ohio.

It's the first Final Four for three of the 10: Eades, Simmons and Wymer. Cahill, considered a grinder among grinders for referees, will be officiating for the 11th time on the big stage. Jones is working his fifth straight; Higgins and Hess are two of the "notorious" names on the list, if you will. Fans love to hate them, or just plain hate them.

Each official will work one game.

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