Lone Peak duo set arrival dates for BYU

SPRINGFIELD, Mass. -- Lone Peak might not have the freakish athletes or 10-deep high-major roster of some of the other elite high school teams in the country, but the team from Utah is difficult to contain.

Head coach Quincy Lewis surrounds top-100 big man Eric Mika with four shooters, including four-star guard Nick Emery, junior scorer T.J. Haws and lights-out shooter Conner Toolson.

“It’s a homegrown crew,” Lewis said. “They all live one or two miles from each other.”

Mika and Emery are both headed to BYU together in the class of 2013, while Haws has already committed for 2014.

The familiarity the group already has with each other can only be a plus for the Cougars.

“I think it’s a tremendous advantage,” Lewis said. “They play together during the year, during the summer, and then again in college. They’re all really good friends; they grew up together. Some had brothers go there. It makes sense.”

When will Emery and Mika arrive on campus, though? The Mormon mission players can take makes them different than other college seniors.

According to Lewis, Emery is graduating early from high school to go on his mission in May, while Mika will play one year at BYU before going on his mission.

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