Lavar Ball, the father of UCLA star freshman Lonzo Ball, has been quite outspoken since stepping into the spotlight over the last year. You may have heard him call his shot earlier this year when he guaranteed UCLA would win the national title. Or maybe you saw the rigorous Christmas Day routine he put his three sons through that went viral.

But his latest public comments may top them all from an entertainment perspective.

In an interview with TMZ, Mr. Ball was candid and confident as he always is about not only his son Lonzo, but about the prospects of his sons, who are all committed to play for UCLA.

"It is going to get easier for Lonzo as we go," Ball said about his son's prospects at the next level. "When he gets to the pros, the game is even faster and that's when he's at his best."

Ball has been the conductor of the No. 1 ranked offense in America. He's transformed the Bruins from a team that missed the NCAA Tournament a season ago to one that could very well contend for a Final Four spot. He's scoring 14.9 points per game and ranks second in the country in assists at eight per game as a freshman.

"My boys want to be the best players ever," Ball told TMZ. "People don't want to think that far in front. I told them since day one, since they've been babies: somebody gotta be better than [Michael] Jordan, why not you?"