If you picked up your phone this morning to see what happened during Sunday night's presidential debate, you probably saw the usual suspects -- Hillary Clinton, Donald Trump, Anderson Cooper.

But there's one man from last night who probably got more attention than all of them combined: Ken Bone.

Many people are calling Bone the real winner of the debate, after he asked a question about energy policy toward the end of the event.

Ken Bone was the star of the second presidential debate. Twitter

Maybe it's his red sweater. Maybe it's his mustache. Maybe it's his lovable charm. Whatever it is, Bone has become an instant hero and a household name.

The name is not his alone, however, as another Ken Bone may have found out. This Ken Bone was the basketball coach at Washington State from 2009-2014 and was the associate head coach at Montana from 2014-16.

His Twitter account, @Ken_Bone, received a sudden and massive boost in popularity.

Bone (the coach) has yet to post any sort of response on Twitter (he hasn't posted anything in over a year), but it would probably be in his interest to say something to alert the public.

Look at it this way, though -- it never hurts to have your name out there.