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Things you can file under 'Less Than Ideal': The massive hanging scoreboard above the George Washington University basketball court no longer hangs above that court. That's because it fell to the floor on Tuesday afternoon. 

According to the university, the scoreboard structure at Charles E. Smith Center was undergoing maintenance when it dropped unexpectedly from a lowered position just above the floor. Luckily, nobody was injured in the incident. It's currently unknown how much damage was caused by the fall. 

The facility underwent a $43 million renovation, which included scoreboard enhancements, in 2011. 

It's obviously not fantastic to see a very large and very expensive structure after it has "dropped unexpectedly," but George Washington is quite lucky that the damage appears to be limited and nobody was hurt. It's certainly better for something to go wrong on a relatively empty court in the middle of the day as opposed to, say, in the middle of a game in front of a crowd.

It's especially scary to think about considering the court has seen plenty of action recently. The USA women's national basketball team played an exhibition game against Japan at the Smith Center on Monday night, and they're scheduled to practice on the court on Wednesday morning, but it's unknown if that will be possible. 

The Washington Mystics have also been using the Smith Center as their temporary home for some games during the 2018 WNBA Playoffs but were weren't scheduled to play host to Seattle in Game 3 of the WNBA Finals on Wednesday at George Washington.