Ray Ganong is in his 30th season as a strength and conditioning coach at the University of Louisville. The 60-year-old Ganong has a pretty strong resume, as he was on the staff at the University of Miami when they won a baseball title in 1982 and a football title in 1983.

He has worked with some legendary coaches in Howard Schellenberger, Jimmy Johnson, Denny Crum and currently Louisville men's basketball coach Rick Pitino.

However, up until today you probably never even heard of Ganong. Well, pull up a chair and get ready to be amazed. 

There is a viral video showing Ganong being overly passionate while rooting on the Cardinals during a recent basketball game. Even though the arena is packed with screaming fans, you can hear the video picking up some audio gems, including Ganong screaming "keep going" over and over, telling the Cardinals players to pass the ball, and finally ending the video by yelling and showing the Louisville players how to keep their hands up.

And he does all of this without leaving his seat at the end of the bench. So without further ado...

Clearly, Ganong has done an outstanding job in his role as strength and conditioning coach because he's been employed at Louisville for three decades.

But if he ever gets tired of his current job, it seems he could easily find a second career as a cheer captain or perhaps be recast in comedian Sam Kinison's role in "Back to School" as Professor Terguson should someone remake the movie.

(Caution: NSFW -- Bad language)