The 2021 NCAA Tournament will be held exclusively in the Indianapolis area this season, serving as the central location of college basketball's beating heart. And it has a tourist attraction to tie the city together.

Unveiled this week is a monstrous 47,000 square feet NCAA Tournament bracket that is featured prominently on the J.W. Marriott in the heart of downtown Indianapolis. The bracket breaks a Guinness World Record for largest ever, outdoing a similar model in 2015. An added banner that reads: "Indiana. Where Champions Are Crowned" across the top gave it an additional 15 to 20 feet, per the Indianapolis Star. The 2015 version is a near-replica but is easily outdone by its new and improved model because of the banner addition.

This thing didn't just run through the printer and get hung. The mega-bracket -- designed by Section 127 and printed by Sport Graphics -- took 100 hours of printing. 100! There are 800 individual blocks that comprise the entire piece.

"Where it sits in the footprint of the city, it makes it a really cool visual," Kyle Eaker, Section 127's executive creative director, told the Star. "It is a special thing."

Indianapolis is a basketball town even when it's not hosting major basketball sporting events, but this thing should give off the vibe it was intended for, with the bracket nearly as big as the tournament itself.