Louisville fires athletic director Tom Jurich after scandal costs Rick Pitino his job

The University of Louisville's Board of Trustees voted Wednesday to terminate the contract of athletics director Tom Jurich, just two days after basketball coach Rick Pitino was unanimously ousted.

The board voted 10-3 to fire Jurich with cause in the wake of a recruiting scandal uncovered by the FBI that has rocked college basketball, including Louisville, and continues to send shockwaves through the sport.

"We are disheartened by the actions taken by the University of Louisville Board of Trustees this afternoon against Athletic Director Tom Jurich," Jurich's legal counsel said in a statement. "We believe that their vote to terminate his contract was done in haste with inaccurate information that should have had no bearing on continuing his employment. Tom Jurich maintained a professional athletic department that was the envy of universities across the country. He has done nothing illegal, nor violated any NCAA rules. Tom has been a great steward for the University of Louisville Athletics brand."

In the FBI's findings released last month that implicated four college basketball assistant coaches and a total of 10 people, Rick Pitino was identified as "Coach-2" as an individual who took part in funneling $100,000 with the help of Adidas to the family of five-star prospect and current Louisville freshman Brian Bowen.

Neither Louisville nor Pitino was explicitly named in the findings, however interim president Greg Postel later confirmed the school was part of the ongoing probe into corruption within the sport.

In the aftermath of the FBI's findings, Jurich was placed on administrative leave. His termination on Wednesday ends a 20-year tenure with the school.

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