Duke was flirting with danger throughout this year's tournament, just barely getting by UCF and Virginia Tech. On Sunday the final nail was put in the coffin with a loss to Michigan State in the Elite Eight. Cassius Winston put on a show, scoring 20 points and notching 10 assists, and Michigan State escaped with a win.

It ends a season for Duke that will ultimately be viewed as a failure, with Zion Williamson headlining a team that includes RJ Barrett and Cam Reddish. Coach K has won five NCAA titles, and it felt foregone that this would be his sixth -- but that's why you play the game, of course.

Duke's top four players were freshman, and that ultimately showed in the tournament according to Raja Bell. He spoke about it on Monday's "Off the Bench."

"I really do feel like the seasoning isn't there for those guys," he said. "They have silly talent -- just no real seasoning on them and that really showed."

Danny Kanell and Bell then talked about the season that was for Duke. They question why Coach K wasn't able to put this unit over the top, before turning their attention to the one-and-done rule. Kanell and Bell talk about the era and how, despite the talent it pumps into the NCAA, it hurts things like team chemistry and development, not to mention the title chances that those things bring.

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