March Madness 2019: LSU freshman Emmitt Williams flops onto scorer's table, makes gigantic mess

Sitting in the front row of a sporting event is an enjoyable experience. You're up close and personal to the action, able to experience the sights and sounds ways people in the nosebleeds cannot. But it does have its downsides -- like the risk of a student-athlete flopping like a fish on to your workplace, spilling soda all over you. 

The risk is low, but, turns out, that very scenario does happen. Just ask these poor media members who experienced such an oddball scenario when LSU freshman Emmitt Williams imitated a 6-foot-6 bass as he flopped onto the scorer's table and made a mess of everyone around him.

Fortunately Williams, and the poor media member who will certainly be locating a dry cleaner as soon as the press conferences are over, appeared to be in good spirits; Williams returned to the game, and the reporter flashed a smile. 

Williams finished the game with 8 points and 5 rebounds in No. 3 seed LSU's 79-74 first round win over No. 14 seed Yale. They will face the winner of Maryland and Belmont in the second round.

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