Few transfer decisions in college basketball are truly shocking, but Monday's news out of Marquette qualifies.

The school announced brothers Sam Hauser and Joey Hauser are leaving MU at the end of this spring semester. Sam will be a senior, Joey a sophomore next season, and the two are expected to transfer as a duo to wherever they wind up. Because they're leaving and neither are graduate transfers, they will not play college basketball next season, as they'll redshirt.

The Hauser brothers joined forces to average 22.4 points and 11.3 rebounds last season and, combined with the return of likely preseason All-American Markus Howard, set up Marquette as a potential top-10 preseason team. 

The Hausers' decision comes three days removed from Howard announcing his return to school. It's a whiplash for Marquette fans, who saw their team fade down the stretch this past season and fall as a No. 5 seed to Ja Morant and No. 12 Murray State in the first round. 

"We are thankful for all that Sam and Joey contributed to our program and University during their time at Marquette and wish them the best of luck in the future," Marquette coach Steve Wojciechowski said.  "We have a tremendous group of returning players and are extremely excited about the upcoming season and future of our program."

The Hausers were valuable not just as pure scorers, but as dynamic stretch-forward types who both shot north of 40 percent from 3-point range. They made 133 3-pointers in 2018-19 and were poised to boost that number ever higher for the Golden Eagles in 2019-20.

But no, it will be for some other team and some other coach. The Wisconsin natives could opt to stay close to home and play for the rival Badgers, but really, the duo will have their pick of suitors. The Hausers' inclusion and infusion to any roster on a top-25 team would instantly turn said team into a national championship contender for 2020-21. 

As for Marquette, Howard's numbers will likely be massive next season but at the cost of lesser talent around him. Koby McEwen might well be the second-leading scorer for the team next season. Ed Morrow, Sacar Anim and Theo John are also scheduled to return, which still sets up MU as an NCAA Tournament team, but not at the level it was expected to be once Howard made his decision to stick at Marquette official.