Matt Doherty defends UNC, Julius Peppers while slamming N.C. State fans

Aside from inevitable, unavoidable instances where they find themselves hanging with hip-hop stars, college basketball coaches don't really offer up much reason to pay attention to their Twitter accounts.

Former UNC and SMU coach Matt Doherty bucked that trend Tuesday morning, though. Doherty felt a gush of inspiration to defend his alma mater, his tenure as UNC coach, his former player, Julius Peppers ... and oh yeah, crack at N.C. State fans while he's at it.B

Before we get to the rant, in case you've missed this, again, let's review. UNC's living under cloudy skies these days. There remains too many questions to count over the school's academics and ethics regarding football and basketball players signed up for specific classes and majors. Peppers' damning transcript recently made its way online.

Roy Williams has steadfastly denied any wrongdoing. On the outside, it shows a lot of college football players and a few college basketball players wound up taking courses -- that non-athletes took as well -- affiliated and/or taught by a department chair who is now long gone and done serious damage to the University of North Carolina's reputation as an elite academic institution.

K. We're set with that? Onto Doherty's diatribe. These tweets came all came Tuesday morning.

It's not off-the-handle stuff, but how often do we see a coach rip off the filter like this? The N.C. State cracks are hilarious. Imagine Williams having a moment like this. It wouldn't happen -- but wouldn't we love to see it? If anything, Doherty's tweets are entertaining. But let's reinforce this: He coached at UNC from 2000 to 2003, so during Peppers' time at North Carolina.

He's gone about defending himself and Peppers in a weird way here. Sure, we're glad he said something, but now he's brought attention to the quasi-scandal yet again. Can't imagine folks at UNC wanted this addressed like this. But this is, after all, Coach Doh we're talking about.

Oh, do you not know Coach Doh?

Lastly I'll note that Doherty isn't really going hard against accusations. If anything, he's just standing up for the good qualities he holds in high regard with Peppers and UNC.

Which is fine. Totally, totally fine. Keep tweeting, Doh. It's slow in the college hoops world here in late August.

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