Miami (Ohio) basketball games postponed due to coronavirus threat when students fall ill after trip to China

Miami (Ohio) announced its men's basketball game vs. Central Michigan on Tuesday and its women's basketball game vs. Western Michigan on Wednesday amid reports of a potential coronavirus threat. The two games are expected to be made up a later date.

The university announced the postponements of the games Tuesday afternoon and at a joint press conference between its president, the Butler County Health Board, and the Ohio Department of Health, it was confirmed that two off-campus students are being tested for coronavirus but it has not been confirmed by the CDC, which is expected to review specimens of the two and return results within a week.

Both students presented with coronavirus symptoms -- fever, coughing, shortness of breath, difficulty breathing -- and did so upon recently arriving from a trip to China over winter break. The two traveled together, though where exactly they traveled to was not divulged.

At this time both are not sick enough to be hospitalized and are not being quarantined, but are being isolated until further notice.

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