Michigan State basketball coach Tom Izzo revealed Monday afternoon that on Monday morning, he tested positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the novel coronavirus. Izzo announced his diagnosis through the team's social media channel in which he said he was dealing with only "minor symptoms" and that he remains "in good health."

"I've been extremely diligent for many months now, wearing my mask in public and around the office, while adhering to social distancing guidelines," he said in a statement. "I've been racking my brain, trying to figure out if there was a time where I let my guard down for just an instance. And while I haven't identified any area of exposure, what I have determined is that this shows the power of the virus. You'd be hard pressed to find a coach who's taken more precautions than I have, following all the protocols put in place by our medical team, and yet I still contracted the virus."

Izzo said he will continue to stay in constant contact with his staff and players through communications technology, but he will not be in close proximity as he fights the virus. He also said he now will have "plenty of time to watch film."

Izzo is just one of millions of Americans who have been affected personally by contracting COVID-19 amidst the ongoing global pandemic, and contracting the virus for him comes at a time when Michigan, in particular, is experiencing a sharp uptick in cases. According to Johns Hopkins data, the state nearly 32,000 new cases the last week, which set a new weekly record for the state. 

"I appreciate the support from my family, my team and the Michigan State fan base, but if I could ask for one favor, I'd urge everyone to continue to listen to the medical experts and follow their advice," Izzo said. "I'm proof that no one is immune, but I still believe that there are steps everyone can take to reduce their chances of contracting the virus."

The 2020-21 college basketball season opens on Nov. 25, but Michigan State has not released its schedule.