Missouri self-imposes penalties on two secondary violations

Frank Haith and the Missouri basketball program self-imposed penalties for two minor violations. (US Presswire)

It hasn’t been the best week for Missouri basketball.

On Thursday, senior guard Mike Dixon left the program after allegations of a second rape incident emerged. Additionally, the Columbia Tribune reported that football, basketball and softball teams at Missouri had committed minor violations in the last year.

In basketball, there were two violations. One, a coach watched a recruit during a summer league game that was not certified by the NCAA. The second involved running a summer basketball camp that had the better players sleeping and eating at different locations than the regular camp attendees.

Missouri self-imposed penalties for these two violations, cutting the number of recruiting days from 130 to 126 for 2012-13, while also eliminating an elite camp last summer.

John Infante of the Athletics Scholarships blog was surprised that head coach Frank Haith was not suspended for the elite camp infraction. According to Infante, the NCAA strongly encourages suspension of a head or assistant coach in the case of “the operation of men’s basketball camps in violation of NCAA legislation.”

Haith’s program violated one of the specific recommendations of the Board of Directors and those recommendations include a “strongly encouraged” penalty of suspension for the head coach.

Despite the distractions, Missouri is off to a 5-1 start this season, with the lone loss coming in the Bahamas against Louisville. Oregon transfer Jabari Brown becomes eligible soon, which should boost the perimeter production. 

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